Candy King Gummy Worms – Disposable Vape Review

Candy King Gummy Worms – Disposable Vape Review

Take a stroll down candy lane with this delightful vape juice by Candy King Gummy Worms. Sour Worms re-creates all your favorite gummy candy flavors of orange, lemon, lime, strawberry, and cherry topped with a heavy dose of sugar.

Presented in a value-packed 100ml bottle, this flavor is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. Using only premium ingredients, Candy King is known for producing exceptional candy flavor profiles.

Sour Worms

Gummy worms are one of the most popular candy treats around, loved by people of all ages. They are known for their colorful appearance and unique shape. They are also famous for their sour coating, which packs a punch of tangy flavor.

The invention of gummy worms is often credited to the German confectionery company Haribo. They wanted to create a new variation of their delectable “Goldbaren” gummy candy line and came up with the idea of shaping the gummies into worm-like shapes.

Candy King E-Liquid has perfected the art of recapturing classic candy flavors and this is no exception. This e-liquid is the closest you will ever get to your favorite bag of sour worm candies! It takes orange, lime, lemon, strawberry, cherry, and raspberry sweet and sour gummy flavors, and then rolls them in a heavy dose of granulated sugar. This is one vape juice you don’t want to miss out on!

Space Worms

The wriggling mess of sweet and tart gummy worms that come in brightly colored packages from the corner store, this E-Liquid perfectly recreates the iconic flavor profile that fans have loved for years. With this offering from Candy King, every hit provides the lip-puckering sour taste of these spacey crawlers with the added fruit mix to produce a delightfully chewy vape experience.

This sour worms e-liquid from Candy King is a mouthwatering blend of lemon, orange, strawberry and mixed berries. The gummy candy base is pure with a balanced sweet profile and the citrus fruits add a zesty sourness to the mix.

This sour candy juice is available in a 120ml shortfill bottle with zero nicotine which has enough room for you to add your preferred level of nicotine. You can choose from 3mg, 6mg and 12mg to create a liquid that is perfect for your sub-ohm set up. The flavors in this candy juice are intensified by a blast of icy menthol, delivering a cool exhale that tingles the taste buds.

Worms On Ice

A spot-on sour gummy candy blend with a cool menthol undertone. This flavor takes all the classic fruit flavors you know and love from sour gummy candy to a whole new level of tasty perfection. Oranges, limes, lemons, strawberries, and cherries combine for a sour gummy cocktail infused heavily with cool menthol.

On the inhale, this icy-cool candy flavor will immediately have your taste buds tingling as sweet notes of tangy citrus, juicy strawberry, and frosty raspberry gushes across the tongue. Upon exhaling, the sour gummy candy notions linger on the palate while the cool menthol undertone takes center stage to cool your throat and deliver a refreshing vape experience.

This flavor is available in a 100ml chubby gorilla bottle and features 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent polypropylene glycerol (PG) base for smooth dense clouds and a solid throat hit. Enjoy this deliciously sour yet fruity candy treat that never gets old with Worms On Ice by Candy King.

Worms Space

There’s nothing quite like those mixed fruit gummy worms that we all used to love as kids – and Candy King have perfectly recreated them with this premium flavour. Enjoy a sweet gummy candy base with hints of strawberry, raspberries, cherries and lemon for a zesty taste sensation on every inhale.

This shortfill e-liquid is supplied in 120ml bottles with 80ml of nicotine-free liquid inside, leaving you plenty of space to add your chosen nicotine shot. 2 x 18mg nicotine shots can be added to this bottle to create a 3mg vape juice, or 9mg to achieve 1.5mg. A bottle opener tool is also included in the packaging for your convenience.